Carnival events in Calabria

The Carnival Parades in Calabria is a tradition that is repeated every year. The program is very rich with exhibitions, concerts and festivals that enliven the days until Shrove Tuesday making the rest of weekdays a pleasant experience in Calabria. During the carnival days, everyone forgets their fears and

Exploring Reggio and the Surrounding Area

Reggio, the provincial capital of Calabria was one of the first ancient Greek settlements on the Italian mainland, and today is a hustling city with a population of over 180,000. Walking enthusiasts should venture down the Corso Garibaldi, the city’s main street which journeys several kilometers through the center

All About Carnevale di Polistena

Every year, the locals of Italy celebrate Carnival di Polistena, which is organized by the Inter Plain of Cinquefrondi municipalities, Polistena and Taurianova together with the Cultural Association Harlequin and Pulcinella, dedicated to the organization and staging the annual carnival. The Carnevale di Polistena wants to be a new