Enjoying Christmas in Italy

Enjoying Christmas in ItalyThe following article is devoted to Christmas, the most beautiful holiday of the year, the moment awaited by adults and children, moms and dads. Christmas means love, snow, presents, cards, drawings, ornaments and decorations that can be found throughout Italy.

During the Christmas season, several Italian festivals and concerts are organized in local communities. There is a desire to be together, spend time at dinner eating pandoro and panettone, trying to really spend a good Christmas, waiting for the Santa’s arrival who will bring presents for all.

But Christmas in Italy is also about decorating the Christmas tree with its bright lights, staging a native scene, touring the Christmas markets in search of fun gift, phrases, messages and text messages to make your Christmas special. In Italy, children are usually seen waiting for the midnight to welcome the birth of the Child Jesus, and also to open the gifts left by Santa hoping to get toys that they wanted and wrote about in the letter to Dad during Christmas.

Christmas in Italy is also about going to the cinemas to see movies with the classic cinepanettoni or Christmas movie, or turn in to the supermarkets which are open on Sundays during theholiday season, adding days the magic to Christmas with unique sounds and colors. On 25th December, in Italy it is mostly about cards, tickets, songs, auspicious designs and good wishes for all, words of love, and to organize your Christmas dinner with the entire family, or spending time together at the Christmas Eve.

During the Christmas holidays, it is customary to organize trips and holidays in Italy. It is customary to check the weather on Christmas Day and Boxing Day or navigate on websites looking for a last minute destination to spend your Christmas in Italy, booking a hotel or renting an apartment for the week of Christmas that finally culminate with new the Year’s Eve.