Don’t Miss New Year’s Eve in Italy

New Year's Eve in ItalyThere are many different ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy and you can choose the classic New Year’s in the mountains, but also a New Year at sea, or an alternative New Year in Italy or in search of social events where even meet VIPs, or a rejuvenating new year at the spa or wellness centers.

During the year, we will also be organized parties and celebrations with special recipes and menu also for the Chinese New Year or the Muslim or Thai New Year, celebrating with the young until the ‘Epiphany.

The summer and everything that connotes can ‘say almost finished and there are those who already’ start to wonder where to celebrate New Year’s Eve of this year the first of the year. There are many ideas to live a fun new year: in Italy and in the rest of the world are numerous appointments. This is the right time to book a trip or a night in a nice pub. Travel agents, tour operators, accommodation facilities and all subjects that organize festivities for the night of 31, offering special offers to be seized.

From Valle d’Aosta to Sicily, those looking for a special evening, as the New Year, in Italy has many alternatives. Appointments and the masked balls to greet joyfully the old year are numerous. Also you can take advantage of the pleasant occasion of New Year celebrations to visit and learn about new places. Italy is so rich in treasures and beauty of all kinds that everywhere you go the variety of possibilities to discover and ‘wide. New Year’s Eve in Turin for example every year sees the usual party in Piazza Vittorio Veneto with fireworks and dancers on the night of December 31.

It is definitely a special New Year in Milan, the city that never sleeps, that organizes parties in the multitude of the local night life but also carnivals that begin on the evening of 31 December and continue until morning.