Festeggiamenti natalizi e festival nelle università in Italia

Natale è un periodo di relativa calma nelle università italiane: le lezioni sono finite (o dovrebbe mancare poco), gli studenti in sede non si muovono da casa (o compiono il tragitto casa-biblioteca-casa almeno due volte al giorno) per preparare gli esami, mentre gli studenti fuori sede tornano nelle loro

Exploring Christmas Markets in Italy

The Christmas markets in Italy are one of the best markets in the world for shopping. All the information you need to stay in Italy, book hotels for the Immaculate Conception, Christmas and Boxing Day can be found here. Following an imaginary journey from north to south, you can

Don’t Miss New Year’s Eve in Italy

There are many different ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy and you can choose the classic New Year’s in the mountains, but also a New Year at sea, or an alternative New Year in Italy or in search of social events where even meet VIPs, or a

Enjoying Christmas in Italy

The following article is devoted to Christmas, the most beautiful holiday of the year, the moment awaited by adults and children, moms and dads. Christmas means love, snow, presents, cards, drawings, ornaments and decorations that can be found throughout Italy. During the Christmas season, several Italian festivals and concerts

Fun at the Feast of the Italian Republic

Every year on June 2nd, the Italian people celebrate the Feast of the Italian Republic, an event which is the national holiday of their country. June 2nd was again made a public holiday in the year 2000 at the initiative of the then President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio

Have Fun at the Carnival of Castrovillari

Castovillari has for years been the capital of Calabria carnivals. Officially founded in 1959, its origins are lost in the mists of time. However, in the seventies it had reached its consecration for the new setting and the novelty of the winning proposal made by the popular participation that

Carnival events in Calabria

The Carnival Parades in Calabria is a tradition that is repeated every year. The program is very rich with exhibitions, concerts and festivals that enliven the days until Shrove Tuesday making the rest of weekdays a pleasant experience in Calabria. During the carnival days, everyone forgets their fears and

Exploring Reggio and the Surrounding Area

Reggio, the provincial capital of Calabria was one of the first ancient Greek settlements on the Italian mainland, and today is a hustling city with a population of over 180,000. Walking enthusiasts should venture down the Corso Garibaldi, the city’s main street which journeys several kilometers through the center

All About Carnevale di Polistena

Every year, the locals of Italy celebrate Carnival di Polistena, which is organized by the Inter Plain of Cinquefrondi municipalities, Polistena and Taurianova together with the Cultural Association Harlequin and Pulcinella, dedicated to the organization and staging the annual carnival. The Carnevale di Polistena wants to be a new